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We are working for goal achievement for support differently abled by various vision, education & literacy, aware people about environment & forests benefites, health & family welfare, human rights, legal awareness & aid, right to information & advocacy, sports, water resources, Women's development & empowerment etc. A few are explained here :- 

Neat & Clean Rivers 

The recent rain has greened up our lawns and gardens, but if we are not careful, it can also green up our urban lakes and rivers — and that's not good.

The storm drain on your street collects the water from your roof, driveway, and sidewalk and funnels it directly in your local lake or river. Nutrients from grass and leaves, pet waste, and fertilizers "enrich" our lakes and streams — feeding algae blooms and harming fish. Chemicals from washing your car in the drive and household chemical spills add up, taking a nasty toll on our favorite swimming areas and fishing spots. Soil can also be picked up by runoff, reducing the clarity of water and hurting fish.

So we are awaring people that lawn and garden this year, here are a few helpful tips to keep our lakes and rivers beautiful and safe for all of us.

  1. Use mulch and vegetation to keep soil from washing away.

  2. Sweep or rake grass and leaves away from street curbs.

  3. Mulch and compost grass clippings and leaves.

  4. Keep paved surfaces to a minimum.

  5. Capture water runoff with a rain garden and rain barrels.

  6. Wash your car on the grass, where the water will get filtered.

  7. Keep chemicals away from storm drains.

  8. Collect your pet's waste.

  9. Aim your rain-gutter downspouts onto grass.

Save the trees & forest

​We are awaring people to save the tree & forest on the following point of view :- 1. Use paper wisely.
We can save trees from being cut down by using less paper.

   2. Play and create with trash.
The Explorers love playing with cardboard boxes, empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls – even shoeboxes. Boxes can become forts and superhero headquarters, toilet paper rolls turn into binoculars and bird feeders, and paper towel rolls become spotting scopes and periscopes.

    3. Borrow, share and donate books.
We read a lot around here, which translates into tons of books – and therefore lots of paper. The library is a great alternative to buying new, as are friends who are willing to swap books. Instead of holding on to books when your kids have outgrown them, donate them to a used bookstore, library or reading program.

    4. Plant a tree.
Although planting trees is a popular Earth Day activity, fall is the season to plant trees and shrubs. Do your homework to make sure you pick the right tree for your space etc.

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