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The simple way to make your donations do more, Give them to the people who need it most.
Join us on a journey and see how your support transforms the lives of underprivileged communities.
While cash donations are the mainstay, in-kind donations of goods and services also play a helpful part. In-kind contributions are an important source for us, especially during times of economic recession. This will not only help the organizations themselves, but it can also be profoundly rewarding for you to donate to the causes you care for. Millions of people annually donate to charity to support the causes they believe in and for the positive impact it has on their own lives.

Do you want to help the Hope and Helping hand for Human children by providing school uniforms, books, clothing, stationery items, and shoes and so on? We provide you with an online marketplace where you can purchase these items; they'll be sent once a month to the kids. By donating to us you turn your unsold goods into donations for the underprivileged section of society.

Hope and Helping hand for Human always welcomes every type of support be it Monetary or Donations in Kind and because our projects are based across India so we will accept donations of kinds across the world. Please send us a description of the items you want to donate if your company wishes to establish such a partnership with Hope and Helping hand for Human. No matter one's capacity, all of us should still lend the less privileged around us a helping hand.

Your contribution to Monetary and In-Kind Donation will have a positive impact on society because there is no better way than citizens for finding a platform to actively participate, work towards the betterment of society.

We are starting this kind of donation facility very soon where you can buy the items which you really need and it will be grateful for us.

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