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Creating employment opportunities through different vocational skills

A life without education is not something many of us can even contemplate. Unfortunately, this remains a reality for many children in India. For a host of different reasons, girls across the country are forced to drop out of school.

With the help of you & Ummido ki Pathsala, we can ensure that 51+ children across Hope and Helping Hand for Human-supported projects complete their education. And lead the life they deserve.

We organize vocational training for underprivileged, adolescent girls, low-literate youth. Culturally, many of these girls are likely to be married at a rather young age. These vocational skills like the computer, sewing, cutting & tailoring, beauty treatments and basic IT skills allow these girls to pursue financial independence and help in their skill development. For this, we are constantly trying to set up Vocational centers with skilled trainers that can understand their needs and give training as per their adaptability. The aim of this project is to impart education and skill development in children, youth and women so that they can live a life of dignity and respect.

  • Financial independence is crucial for breaking the cycle of poverty.

  • Most of these skills are neither seasonal nor topical.

  • Significant improvement in the chances of employment.

  • Make them earn a dependable livelihood for their family needs

Brief about Vocational education

Girls who want more flexibility can become freelance beauticians or open an in-home tailoring service. Computer courses provide government-backed JSS certificates and Sakshi organizes recruiting sessions with corporates.

The important thing is that these courses equip boys and girls to earn twice as much as what their family would earn combined. Importantly too it is a regular income, with opportunity for growth as they build their businesses or get salary increments. As the course gets progresses, girls not only learn subject skills but also learn to communicate, work in teams and accomplish projects.

Healthy peer interaction and a positive environment of learning infused such confidence in them for winning over the challenges in life and they can find jobs very easily. Their success not only helps them and their families but serves as an inspiration to others and helps us realize our dream of helping needy members of society who only need a little support and a platform to show their caliber. The initiative of Vocational training for the underprivileged is very important for raise employment, social equality and sustainable development.

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