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People Behind Hope and Helping Hand for Human

Hope and Helping hand for Human is managed by a Board of Members, who are supported by an Advisory Panel comprising of individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise, and a Management Team which comprises of experienced professionals working with Hope and Helping hand for Human.​

Board Members

Shiv kumar.jpeg

Mr. Sujeet Kannaujia

Mr. Shiv Kumar

Mr. Manish Kr. Shukla

General Secretary, MBA from SVSU, serial entrepreneurs, cost of  Digital Marketing & SEO, corporate laws, & legal matters. Associated through various initiatives on education, healthcare, livelihood, empowerment.

Mr. Sundram Shrivastava

Treasurer, Finance graduate, cost of  Management Accountants,  Proactively monitoring every financial activity & Compliances. 

Manish Kr. Shukla
Photo image.png

President, Finance graduate, specializes in enterprise transformation, strategies &  scaling and has actively led the structuring and scaling up of the organization.

Voice President, Graduate & specializes in strategic management & consulting. He gives strategic advice to companies & Actively arrange & participate in all activity. 

Advisory Committee

*Names are arranged in alphabetical order


Mr. Amit Sen Vaidya

Chandan tiwari.jpeg

Mr. Chandan Tiwari


Miss. Madhu Chauhan

ugo oberoi.jpeg

Mr. Ugo Oberoi

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