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Being a corporate you want to play an important role in the lives of the underprivileged. We share your vision for social responsibility and sustainable development. We have been working for the last 04 years for the marginalized communities which include Education, Women Empowerment, and Differently Abled.

Why partner with us?

Hope and Helping Hand for Human, is an NGO for CSR with Pan India presented & widespread urban and rural outreach, directly impacting the lives of the underprivileged.

More than 88% of our funding for our project goes directly to the beneficiaries.

Wide and in-depth coverage across India provides a ready channel for program implementation, even in remote locations.

Hope and Helping Hand for Human extensive network ensure partnership with organizations seeking country-wide alliances for long term development.

Hope and Helping Hand for Human has successfully built its expertise in corporate partnerships by working with over _ major corporate in India since 2016.

Ways to partner with us

1. Adopt a project

If you join a project, you can choose to support an entire project or just a portion of it, depending on its focus area-such as Education, Health, Institutional Care, Vocational Training, Differently Abled, Vocational Training-or its work-girl child education (including remedial and non-remedial classes), reproductive health, micro-financing, institutional care, and community health. Our work extends across issues and geographies and therefore you have the flexibility to pick what is important to you.

2. Employee Engagement

Allow your staff the ability to make positive improvements by fundraising and skill-based volunteering in the lives of marginalized communities. We work in the fields of Education (Formal / Non-Formal / Remedial), Women's Empowerment (Reproductive Health, and Micro-Finance), Social Treatment, Environmental well-being, Vocational Training and Differently Abled. Employees may also select the causes they are passionate about, and support by providing payroll and volunteer time.

3. Payroll Giving

Your CSR initiative can be a great way to get the staff involved too. Hope and Helping hand for Human, Payroll Donation Scheme give workers an effective way to feel linked to the social cause that the organization has taken on. Employees should devote a certain amount of their monthly salaries to make a difference in society. This is an automated method once in place, which is less time-consuming. Hope and Helping hand for Human can also opt to provide a matching grant to attract employees.

4. Other ways to partner

Hope and Helping hand for Human has a lot of other ways you can partner with. You can sponsor a child or events, take on the cost of certain expenses, or just for you, Hope and Helping hand for Human can co-create a partnership option. Our team would be delighted to contact you at your convenience.

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