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Collaboration with our NGO

We Hope and Helping Hand for Human most welcome to those who want to collaborate with us, the meaning of collaboration with us to view is a deliberate relationship between otherwise autonomous organizations for the joint accomplishment of individual operating goals. The World Health Organization referred to ‘coordination’ as ‘keeping each other informed’ to avoid duplication of efforts (WHO 1999). It also represents an on-going and structured relationship between independent organizations for mutual benefit or a structure or process of concerted decision making or action wherein the decision or action of two or more organizations are made simultaneously in part or in whole with the same deliberate degree of adjustment to each other.

We are open to collaborate with anybody in the following field.

1. Educational activity (Mobile School, Teaching Activity, slum education, etc.)

2. Women Empowerment (Microfinance, Skill Development, Silai Machine Distribution, etc.)

3. Health & Aware of Hygiene (Awareness & Distribution of Sanitary Pad to Slum & Jhuggies.) 

4. Medical Assistance (Helping in Medicine, Blood, Appointment, Ambulance arrangement, etc.)

5. Food Distribution (Mobile food & Ration Kit Distribution)

6. Winter stuff Distribution (Winter Clothe, Blanket & Other Warm Stuff Distribution to Needy)

7. Book & other Educational Donation (Book & Other Educational Related Items Distribution)

8. Disaster Management (Ready to Become a Helping Hand in Such Activity)

9. Skill Development & Training (Silai & Other Laghu Udyog Training)

10. Digital Learning 

11. Maternity Nutrition Distribution ( Awareness & Distribution of Maternity Nutrition, Food & Milk for New Born Baby, etc.)

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