Help us to stop Global Warming and it's very important to aware of everyone about the role of trees in our life. So plant and Protect our forests,  for now, and for the generations after us.


Hope and helping hand for a human is a non-government organization registered under the society's registration act of 1860, in Sep. 2016 with registration No. DL/2017/0154067. We are working to aware of generation to save the environment, tree plantation, etc. 


Our project areas help differently-abled, education & literacy, environment & forests, health & family welfare, human rights, legal awareness & aid, right to information & advocacy, sports, water resources, Women's Development & empowerment, etc.


We are most welcome to those who are coming forward to bits of help, for educate and blow the awareness humans to save the nature and planets and can blowing the new ideas too.

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We are happy to invite those who wish to become a volunteer and work with us to help and aware of the people about educational, environmental, social development, and save the planet campaign, etc. 

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Trees are the only extremely economical and super easy way of storing CO2

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Trees regulate precipitation and are part of the water cycle

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Trees cool the earth by contributing to cloud formation

Scientists from Oxford University have said that planting trees is the best method for taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and for com-batting global warming. Trees are very easy to plant and, as years go by, they take CO2 out of the atmosphere and into long-term storage. On average, we calculate that each tree stores 10 kg of CO2 each year. In the tropics this figure is many times higher.

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